Accolades: Researchers, Networks, and Prizewinning Science at Yale School of Medicine


Researchers, Networks, and Prizewinning Science at Yale School of Medicine

The work of Yale researchers reshapes fields and changes lives, so it is not surprising that these scientists have received recognition from major organizations. These include such accolades as the Nobel Prize, the Lasker Award, the Kavli Prize, and admission to some of the most prestigious medical and scientific societies in the world. The individuals featured in this exhibition represent a small sample of the many remarkable Yale physicians and scientists who have received such recognitions over the past several decades.
However, such work is never produced by a single figure alone. Behind each award winner is a network of mentors and mentees, technicians, assistants, and collaborators. This exhibition attempts to draw out those networks, highlighting both the achievements of individuals and how these individuals have built relationships inside and outside of the lab and clinic that create the conditions for excellence in research.
Nor are the awards themselves disconnected from broader social conditions. Historically the recipients of these accolades have overwhelmingly been white, heterosexual men, reflecting those individuals with privileged access to medical and scientific education and careers. Today, the rosters of major medical prize winners are slowly diversifying. However, they still reflect a persistent lack of racial and gender parity at the highest echelons of biomedical research.
There are more remarkable scientists and physicians associated with Yale than could ever be featured in a single exhibition. “Accolades” showcases just some of the exemplary, award-winning work connected to Yale School of Medicine (YSM) and the people it takes to make this work happen.